Nuvolato Architop®

The brutalist style returns its true nature to concrete:
the strong, decisive and industrial look.

Why choosing Nuvolato Architop®

“BRUTALIST” suggestions

The effect obtained is that of a continuous, jointless surface that meets the flooring demands of not only modern minimalist dwellings, but also industrial-style lofts, public areas, exhibitions, and commercial spaces.

rivestimento in architop

No need for removal of the existing slab, ideal for renovations.
Nuvolato Architop® can be used both internally and externally and can be applied to any solid, prepared substrate, even when underfloor heating is present. It is ideal for renovating existing floors made of concrete, ceramic, marble or sand-cement screeds without removal of the old surface.

High Resistance levels

Due to its high strength and adhesive properties, Nuvolato Architop® is also recommended for the restoration of large industrial and commercial floors or indeed any flatwork area subjected to high traffic. Nuvolato Architop® is particularly suitable for external use as it provides excellent resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents, abrasion, cracking and frost.

Your choice of finish

The concept of Nuvolato Architop® allows the client great flexibility in aesthetic and design options: it is supplied in a range of 29 standard colours which, combined with the characteristic cloud effect (dynamic nuances) typical of aged concrete, provides an almost endless range of finishes. The level of homogeneous or cloudy effect of the finish is created in collaboration with the designer. Like solid concrete, it can be treated with coloured chemical stains to obtain even more original and exclusive paving finishes.


No removal
No removal The floor can be restored without removal, fast and clean process
Power trowel effect
Power trowel effect Minimal thickness, no change in slab level
Speed of laying
Speed of laying Fast application process
No joints
No joints It can be applied without limits or interruptions, depending on the existing surface
High wear resistance
High wear resistance Alta resistenza all’usura


1. Surface preparation

2. Application by magic trowel of the 1st coat of mix Colour hardener + Architop Catalyst

3. Application by magic trowel of the 2nd coat of mix Colour hardener + Architop Catalyst

4. Finish the surface with a power trowel

5. Cleaning

6. Sealer application


It is not possible to obtain a completely uniform effect since Nuvolato Architop® floors are not varnished or made in casting and therefore there will always have variations. It is up to the ability and dexterity of the installer to increase or diminish the effect.

The colour comes from the Colour Hardener product which is available in a wide variety of colours which is incorporated in the fresh concrete, making the colour integral and throughout the mix. This is not a varnish or resin spread on the floor surface.

Absolutely, yes. It will be necessary to carefully assess the thickness available for creating the floor in order to choose the most suitable technical solution: concrete, Betontop, Microtopping. Moreover, Nuvolato Architop® floors created in concrete or Betontop give better results in terms of heat conduction compared to other flooring systems (see comparable table).

As with all types of concrete flooring, Nuvolato Architop® floors require joints. Cutting acts to encourage and allowing the natural contractions of the concrete and create expansion joints in a controlled manner. It is the task of the Ideal Work installer to define the design and arrangement of the cuts. Once complete, the joints can be filled with special coloured resins that can be the same colour as the floor.

With continuous surfaces made in concrete or similar products, it is possible that cracking can appear due to the contraction of the concrete. The company responsible for the installation undertakes, in any event, to adopt all the strategies necessary to limit the appearance of cracks. These can, however, appear for reasons other than the workmanship including the settlement of the structure. In the event cracks appear, it is possible to take action, repairing the cracks with specific products designed to conceal them, obtaining a pleasing aesthetic result.

Cleaning a Nuvolato Architop® floor is very simple. A damp cloth is sufficient to clean the surfaces with the addition of a little neutral detergent for floors (for example PERFETTO! Ideal Work: a specific detergent for decorative Ideal Work surfaces). It is recommended to periodically treat the slab with protective products based on self-polishing waxes dispersed in water (for example, Ideal Cera) or beeswax (for example EASY WAX). Detergents based on soap, acid, ammonia, chlorine or any abrasive detergent products are absolutely prohibited. It is recommended to use only NON AGGRESSIVE, neutral PH detergents.

Ideal Work offers a wide range of protection. The appropriate protection must be chosen depending on the requirements of the end customer. In principle, even if the surface treatment effectively protects the flooring from rapid penetration of accidentally spilled liquids, it is well to remember that all liquid substances, especially those most used in the domestic environment such as wine, oils, vinegar and coffee, must be eliminated quickly from all the surfaces before they can penetrate to any depth.

The thickness of the floor depends on the traffic and the type of loads that the floor must support. Based on this information, the thickness and type of concrete to be used will be established. As a guide, the thicknesses used in normal conditions are the following: 7-10 cm, exterior or interior residential pedestrian only areas, 13-15 cm, light vehicle traffic areas (cars), 18-20 cm, medium-to-heavy vehicular traffic (cars-lorries). In the case of lower thicknesses (between 5-6 cm), rather than creating a support in concrete, it would be wise to use BETONTOP, a special multifunctional additive suitable for creating supports with specifications similar to concrete, but suitable for low thicknesses. These values are entirely indicative and should be used as such. It is the job of the designer to establish the thickness and resistance of the concrete based on the anticipated loads (even occasional). It will, in any event, be the task of your Ideal Work installer to advise and assist you in the choice of the most suitable flooring for your requirements.

Absolutely, yes. As monolithic concrete flooring, they are extremely resistant to walking, impact and vehicular traffic. The colours are integral and, as such, part of the slab itself and have maximum resistance to fading, scratches, stripping or cracking and are as resistant as the concrete.

Technically, a Nuvolato Architop® floor made with the hardener Ideal Floor Pewter (light grey based titanium aggregates) is the base surface for later acid stain treatment with Ideal Stain acid dyes. It can considered,therefore, that the Nuvolato flooring is the starting point for Acid Stain flooring. Structurally, they do not change: assessment of the thickness, resistance to abrasion and compression, protective and maintenance treatments are practically the same. The difference is aesthetic: the colours and the effects are completely different. The Nuvolato Architop® floors feature pastel colours, greys and whites; the texture of the finish is softer and tends to be more uniform compared to an Acid Stain floor, which is notable for the greater intensity of colours, unique textures and variegations that are similar to those of leather.

Generally, yes: Nuvolato Architop® flooring can also be created on an existing screed. In these cases, it will be important to assess the quality and type of screed on which the new flooring will be glued. Based on the thickness available, Ideal Work offers various technical solutions: MICROTOPPING, suitable for application on thicknesses of 3-4 mm; TOPFLOOR, specifically developed for creating flooring with a thickness of 1-2 cm and BETONTOP, suitable for thicknesses between 2 and 6 cm. It will, in any event, be the task of your Ideal Work installer to advise and assist you in the choice of the most suitable flooring for your requirements.

Absolutely, yes. In the case of exterior applications, it will be fundamental to assess, together with the installer, the finish of the flooring which must be slip-resistant, as well as the most suitable protective treatment.

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