Indoor Renovation

Ideal solutions for internal renovations. Shape and create the environment you desire; choose amongst a wide selection of colours and effects to obtain a custom-made floor or coat. Our solutions are extremely customizable according to your needs. Renovate in a unique way your kitchen, bathroom, shop, stairs and much more!

Ideal Work renovation solutions can be applied quickly without altering floor profiles, with minimal disruption and in a clean and tidy manner


Quick interventions without demolition

Thanks to the Ideal Work solutions, it is possible to obtain a new precious cementitious surface, in a fast, clean way, without the hassles, noises and costs of a demolition. The intervention takes place in reduced time, without creating too much dirt and dust. The floors are particularly suitable for floor heating: Thanks to the reduced thickness, they even improve the thermal performance.

No change in floor profile required

Choosing Ideal Work solutions to renew surfaces save time and money. By using a minimal thickness of material there is no need to alter doors, doors frames and skirtings.

With respect to the environment

Utilizing existing floors also helps protect the environment. No waste material is generated during the process. So, for those preferring cement based surfaces, Ideal Work is the smart and eco-friendly option.


In Just 4 steps

Renovating floors with Ideal Work systems is simple, effective and carried out by trained, approved, artisan tradesman in 4 steps.

CLEANING of the existing floor or screed

FINISHING the previously cleaned surface to make it level

APPLICATION of the Ideal Work chosen product

PROTECTION of the finished surface with the appropriate sealer


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