Why choosing Lixio®+

A new “Renaissance”

Lixio®+ allows the use of valuable marble aggregates from any source, even local to the project; this feature has been much in demand to encourage the “Renaissance” and use of local raw materials. This ability allows the system to gain a new, sustainable quality, rooted in the local environs, without giving up on the beautiful and timeless look associated with terrazzo.

A modern classic

Classic elegance, historical charm, high reflection and value: Lixio®+ is a combination of modern and ancient traditions.

The look is that of the most noble terrazzo floors, whilst che choice of materials and the application technique reflect Ideal Work’s continuous and innovative research in high-performance, high-quality eco-friendly solutions.

Marble and colours: endless combinations

Through aggregate size and colour choice, Lixio®+ offers endless combinations that make it a completely individual product, based on the designer or client’s own taste and style. These aspects make Lixio®+ a totally adaptable product of fine quality with the ability to have a constantly changing expression.


Custom finishes
Custom finishes Infinite colour possibilities with a variety of italian marble
Low environmental impact
Low environmental impact
High wear resistance
High wear resistance


1. Surface preparation
2. Application of primer
3. Application of Lixio®+
4. Smoothing
5. Grinding
6. Grouting
7. Polishing
8. Sealer application

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