The evolution of tradition. A natural floor rich in history and exclusivity

Why choosing Lixio®

Thickness is no longer a problem

Lixio® can be installed just 8-10 mm thick to create an original continuous slab finish. Lixio® is composed of a cement base and high-quality Italian marble aggregates which are mixed in various combinations of colours and finishes. With Lixio®, Ideal Work trained, approved and authorised applicators reproduce ancient artistic and artisan skills, reminding us of the era of the noble tradition of the Venetian master craftsmen.

Beautiful inside and out

The classic soul of Lixio® can be perfectly combined with the most contemporary design and historical and traditional settings, for a discreet and welcoming luxury. Lixio® can be used both for interior and exterior environments (it is resistant to UV rays and adverse weather conditions). A choice of glossy, slip-resistant satin or even hammered finish makes Lixio® ideal in the most diverse situations: Residential, commercial, educational, hotels, hospitality and leisure, museums and other public buildings.

Design flexible and easy to maintain

Thanks to the different coloured mixes and the wide selection of marble aggregates available, Lixio® allows an infinite variety of colours that match perfectly with inserts in natural stone, wood or metal. Lixio® flooring is extremely resistant to abrasion generated by intense traffic (ideal for commercial and residential areas) and requires minimal maintenance.


No removal
No removal The floor can be restored without removal, fast and clean process
Low-thickness Venetian microterrazzo
Low-thickness Venetian microterrazzo No change in floor profile when used as part of a renovation project
No joints
No joints Can be applied without limits or interruptions depending on the existing surface
Custom finishes
Custom finishes Infinite colour possibilities with a variety of italian marble
Speed of laying
Speed of laying Fast application process


1. Surface preparation

2. Application of Epoxy coat and quartz

3. Application of Lixio®

4. Smoothing

5. Grinding

6. Grouting

7. Polishing

8. Sealer application

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