Shape and create the environment you want from the many Ideal Work solutions. Choose your custom-made coating.


Find the ideal, long-lasting solution for outdoors, with no thickness or weight limits. Choose the material and shape you like

Unrepeatable beauty

Our every surface, a unique work of art

Ideal Work® systems and solutions allow you to obtain a unique, attractive, valuable finish which can only be provided by true artisan craftsmen and quality materials.

A surface offering that individual hand finish preferred by those who see no beauty in mass production. This individuality is in the very nature of the core material used, concrete, which provides that imperfect beauty.

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Perfect for renovation and restoration

deal Work systems allow flexible and innovative solutions to be used with minimal disruption. Whether minimal thickness or maximum depth is available, Ideal Work has the solution. Our systems can be used internally or externally on both new and existing buildings
Design features

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