Rasico® is a cement-based decorative coating for exterior areas, providing high wear resistance yet with a thickness of just 3-4 mm.
Rasico® is applied by trowel over new or existing substrates and offers original designs characterised by the unique finishes which can be varied through colour choice and application technique.
Rasico® is quickly applied with a minimum of material requirement and without the need for existing slab removal, making it perfect for renovations on terraces and balconies.
The mixture, consisting of a powder based on quartz and a water-based polymer, is applied by trowel in two coats, with a final sanding revealing depth and movement.


Perfect surfaces over time

Choosing Rasico means enjoying surfaces that retain their perfect look over time. This is due to the exclusive protective treatments that make the surface extremely resistant to abrasion, oils, water, atmospheric agents and UV rays. Surfaces made of Rasico are easy to clean and maintain.

An original design

Thanks to the trowel application and skill of the artisan applicator, Rasico offers an original and always different design, recreating a minimal look.

Rasico allows you to obtain a slip-resistant and fall-resistant surface.

Rasico is available in 29 standard colours!

Quick to install

Depending on the season, climate and complexity of the design intent, a team of Ideal Work applicators is able to realize 200 m² of flooring in about 2-3 days. The surface should be able to receive foot traffic just a few hours after completion. Rasico provides quick to install surfaces that last over time.


1. Surface preparation
2. Application of Rasico Mix – 1st coat
3. Application of Rasico Mix – 2nd coat
(4. Application of Rasico Touch)
5. Grinding and application of Ideal Sealer

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