Terrae-Calce Siena

Tactile and rippled appearance with rice husk aggregates and hemp chippings.

Why choose Terrae-Calce Siena


Breathability – VOC

The hygroscopic properties of lime (i.e. it absorbs water molecules from the surrounding environment) make it possible to moderate humidity levels, counteract the formation of mould, bacteria and fungi, and improve air quality, thus favouring the reduction of asthma and allergies.

They are highly breathable and therefore favour the natural passage of water vapour in the walls, limiting detachments due to blistering in humid areas.

Terrae-Calce products are VOC free.

Terrae - Siena

Climate impact

To be produced, lime is fired at a lower temperature than many other solutions. This means that it has a reduced impact on the environment as, by being produced at a lower temperature, uses less energy.

Also, it uniquely reabsorbs part of the carbon dioxide (Co2) emitted during combustion thanks to the “Carbonation” process, while it polymerises in the installation (natural carbon sink), thus reducing the environmental impact.

(EPD in process).

Terrae - Siena Canapa



The raw material for the production of lime is limestone, a sedimentary rock rich in calcium carbonate (CaCO3); marble or other minerals can also be used. As these raw materials are widely present, their use does not contribute to the reduction of resources.


The aggregates are all products of waste recovery: rice husk and hemp hurds.


Breathability It regulates humidity levels in the environment
Mould-proof As a natural biocide, it prevents the growth of mould
Sustainable Recycled materials such as rice husk and hemp are used
Custom finishes
Custom finishes Wide choice of colours and textures


Terrae - stratigrafia

1. Application of Calce-Primer

2. Application of the first coat of Calce-Powder

3. Application of the second coat of Calce Powder + aggregate

4. Washing

5. Application of Calce Protection

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