Concrete Optik

The expressiveness of fair-faced concrete

Why choosing Concrete Optik

Innovative material

Concrete Optik is a cement polymer coating that allows to obtain, in just 2 mm thickness, realistic and uniform concrete walls with a fair-faced effect. Because of its seamless nature, Concrete Optik can be used to coat any vertical surface: walls, tiles and even pieces of furniture or curved surfaces, both indoor and outdoor. Such low thickness makes Concrete Optik ideal in case of restructuring, since it can be applied without demolishing the preexisting surface.

Maximum expressive freedom

Highly customizable thanks to a wide range of colours, Concrete Optik is a solution designed for concrete perfectionists who aim at transforming any space by recreating the rigorous and industrial look of fair-faced concrete in just 2 mm thickness. The handcrafted application performed by Ideal Work’s authorized applicators allows to obtain an always custom-made result; stores, restaurants, hotels, offices, showrooms, museums and private houses will benefit enormously from this innovative procedure.

Quick application, lower costs

Concrete Optik’s application procedure requires about 48 hours; once the surface has been prepared, the Concrete Optik mix is applied. Some special PVC sheets of the same size as the panels the architect wants to create are then positioned. The protective treatment gives the finishing touch. This innovative technique allows to optimize both the installation time and costs as compared to the traditional procedure.


No removal
No removal The floor can be restored without removal, fast and clean process
Minimal depth
Minimal depth Minimal thickness, no change in slab level
Continuity Can be applied with a continuous effect
Speed of laying
Speed of laying Fast application process


1. Surface preparation

2. Primer application

3. Concrete Optik application

4. Application of MT-OPTIK-PP sheets

5. After 24 hours, sheets removal

6. After 24 hours, sealer application

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