Sassoitalia® Floor

Beautiful and accessible

Sassoitalia® is a natural system for creating beautiful hard landscaping quickly and economically. With Sassoitalia®, colourful natural aggregates such as marble, limestone, washed pebbles, and crushed stone are combined with the colours of nature, giving designers and artisan applicators free rein to create outstanding and unique landscapes.


Unrepeatable beauty


It is unique and can have custom finishes

Designers and clients can choose both the concrete colour and the type, colour and texture of aggregates. Ideal Work Colour Mix is available in 5 standard colours which become ten or more when grey cement is replaced entirely or partially by white. The aggregates could be from Ideal Work’s own collection or more local suppliers where empathy with traditional colours and finishes is required. Aggregates can be washed, round pebbles or crushed, angular stone which is better for slip-resistance. Depth of exposure of the aggregate, controlled by the Ideal Work surface deactivator, also dramatically affects the appearance.

It is extremely adaptable

SassoItalia® needs a cast thickness of just 3 cm. This results in an exceptional adaptability that makes it ideal for renovating existing floors. In these cases, it is sufficient to apply a primer, IDEAL BOND, to make the slab adhere to the underlying concrete base. It is also possible to apply SassoItalia® onto fresh concrete (“fresh on fresh”), especially in the case of small areas. It does not need any maintenance upkeep and its original features remain unchanged over time. It is also ideal for indoor use where it can also be ground and polished!

Suitable for all climate condition

The surface of Sassoitalia® can be treated with special protective coatings which inhibit dust, prevent moisture ingress and guarantee longevity of appearance and durability by resisting most external agents. Special coatings also protect Sassoitalia® from the effects of freeze/thaw cycles or salt water spray. In all cases the treatments are applied quickly and economically by the artisan installers at the conclusion of the works.


1. Surface preparation

2. Application of the cement bonding agent – Ideal Bond

3. Application of the Sassoitalia® mixture

4. Finishing and smoothing of the surface

5. Application of the Surface deactivator

6. Washing of the surface

7. Application of a protective sealer (recommended)

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