Sassoitalia® Floor

A natural system for creating beautiful hard landscaping quickly.

Why choosing Sassoitalia® Floor

It is unique and can have custom finishes

Designers and clients can choose both the concrete colour and the type, colour and texture of aggregates. Ideal Work Colour Mix is available in 5 standard colours which become ten or more when grey cement is replaced entirely or partially by white. The aggregates could be from Ideal Work’s own collection or more local suppliers where empathy with traditional colours and finishes is required. Aggregates can be washed, round pebbles or crushed, angular stone which is better for slip-resistance. Depth of exposure of the aggregate, controlled by the Ideal Work surface deactivator, also dramatically affects the appearance.

It is extremely adaptable

SassoItalia® needs a cast thickness of just 3 cm. This results in an exceptional adaptability that makes it ideal for renovating existing floors. In these cases, it is sufficient to apply a primer, IDEAL BOND, to make the slab adhere to the underlying concrete base. It is also possible to apply SassoItalia® onto fresh concrete (“fresh on fresh”), especially in the case of small areas. It does not need any maintenance upkeep and its original features remain unchanged over time. It is also ideal for indoor use where it can also be ground and polished!

Suitable for all climate condition

The surface of Sassoitalia® can be treated with special protective coatings which inhibit dust, prevent moisture ingress and guarantee longevity of appearance and durability by resisting most external agents. Special coatings also protect Sassoitalia® from the effects of freeze/thaw cycles or salt water spray. In all cases the treatments are applied quickly and economically by the artisan installers at the conclusion of the works.


Custom finishes
Custom finishes Infinite variety of colours and combinations
Speed of laying
Speed of laying Fast application process
Low environmental impact
Low environmental impact
Resistant to freeze / thaw cycles
Resistant to freeze / thaw cycles


1. Surface preparation

2. Application of the cement bonding agent – Ideal Binder

3. Application of the Sassoitalia® mixture

4. Finishing and smoothing of the surface

5. Application of the Surface deactivator

6. Washing of the surface

7. Application of a protective sealer (recommended)


The combinations are practically endless. It is possible to use all types of mixed aggregates and pebbles with the 8 colours of Colourmix and white or grey cement.

Sassoitalia requires a concrete screed. It is not possible to glue the 3 cm top directly on the bitumen sheath; for assessments in this regard, it is recommended to consult the Ideal Work installer.

Absolutely not; this is continuously reinforced slab made on site with very high resistance to even heavy traffic.

In this case, the joints are dictated by the underlying screed. In correspondence to the existing cuts, it will be possible to install joints in steel, weathering steel, PVC and natural stone that will, in many contexts, improve the aesthetic appearance. Substrate construction joints must be mirrored on the surface.

In areas with cold climates, subject to freeze/thaw cycles or in contact with sea water, it is possible to apply a special sealant to the stamped AQUAPEL flooring that makes the surface water-salt repellent and therefore resistant to extreme agents.

In very many constrained projects, Sassoitalia was chosen precisely because of the option of using local pebbles that integrated well into the environmental context. Not just that: this feature is associated with very high resistance and that means these projects are very long-lasting.

There is not an unequivocal reply to that question. In fact, there are a number of factors to be considered: the traffic that must be supported by the flooring, the type and conditions of the existing tile. It is essential to ask for the assistance of an Ideal Work installer.

Sassoitalia flooring is made up of a variable concrete base of between 8 and 20 cm plus 3 cm of decorative layer. The sum of the two masses defines the resistance to compression and, as a consequence, the capacity to support the passage of cars and heavy vehicles.

No, the options vary from 5 mm to 20 mm, both round and split. It is essential that the aggregates are of high quality and have excellent resistance to compression. Aggregates of marble or local river pebbles are perfect for Sassoitalia applications.

Yes, by using special techniques; it is recommended to contact an Ideal Work installer.

The slab can be kept clean simply by sweeping and washing the surfaces with normal water cleaner or other similar systems. It is recommended to wash the floor periodically with water and a normal neutral (not acidic) detergent.

Sassoitalia is made up of a base and 3 cm of decorative layer. Only the thickness of the concrete screed changes, depending on the traffic. As a guide only, the thicknesses of the concrete screeds required are the following: 6-8 cm, pedestrian only areas, 8-12 cm, light vehicle traffic areas (cars), 13-20 cm, medium-to-heavy vehicular traffic (cars-lorries). These values are entirely indicative and should be used as such. It is the responsibility of the designer to establish the thickness and resistance of the concrete based on the loads (even occasional).

Certainly, by adapting the joints and using different colours of aggregates and Colourmix, it is possible to create rosettes and decorations of many types. An example can be seen in the Pinocchio Park reference.

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