Stenciltop floor

Why choosing Stenciltop floor

Long lasting beauty with durability

Choosing Stenciltop means enjoying hard landscapes that preserve their perfect look, texture and colour over time. Ideal Work’s exclusive protective treatments ensure that the surface remains extremely resistant to abrasion, oils, water penetration and climatic conditions including the effects of UV light.

Make way for your creativity!

Choose from a wide variety of classic paving, geometric, floral and edge detail designs to suit your taste. A complete range of Stenciltop products allows you to create multiple designs and textures replicating stone, brick, cobblestones or tiles in a realistic manner. Stenciltop also makes it possible to produce various finishes for slip-resistant or smooth surfaces. Add to this a standard colour palette of 29 and the schematic possibilities are endless!

Rampa per macchine in stenciltop

It’s fast to install

Depending on the season and the complexity of the site, a team of Ideal Work® installers can create 200 m² of textured flooring in about 2-3 days. You will be able to walk over the surface just a few hours after completion. Quick and easy to install surfaces that last over time.


Speed of laying
Speed of laying Fast application process
Resistant to freeze / thaw cycles
Resistant to freeze / thaw cycles
Minimal thickness
Minimal thickness No change in slab level
High wear resistance
High wear resistance
Custom finishes
Custom finishes Infinite variety of colours and combinations


1. Surface preparation

2. Mixing of Colour Hardener, Ideal Binder and water, application using a steel trowel

3. Placement of paper stencil when the surface is dried

4. Mixing of Colour hardener, Ideal Binder and water, spray the mix by using a hopper gun connected to an air compressor

5. Removal of the paper stencil

6. Surface cleaning

7. Application of the protective sealer Ideal Sealer


No, the surface is made to be long-lasting.

Based on the season and the complexity of the site, a team of Ideal Work installers is able to create around 200 m2 of Stenciltop in around 2-3 days. It is ready to be walked over after just a few hours from completion, while heavy loads must wait for the normal concrete curing and setting times. We recommend, however, that you consult an Ideal Work installer for advice based on the individual project specifications and the loads involved.

If applied and sealed properly, the resin protects against accidental oil spills. It is strongly recommended to remove oil marks with soap and water as soon as possible after the spillage occurs.

Absolutely, yes. The stencil technique also lends itself to applications on vertical concrete surfaces, such as inner or boundary walls.

Absolutely yes.

Stenciltop has very high resistance to abrasion and freez/thaw cycles.

The slab can be kept clean simply by sweeping and washing the surfaces with normal water cleaner or other similar systems. It is recommended to wash the surface periodically with water and a standard neutral (not acidic) detergent. Based on the type of traffic, it is recommended to apply a new coat of protective resin over the years in order to keep the Stenciltop protected and beautiful. Every 5-8 years, it may be that extraordinary maintenance is carried out.

The Ideal Work catalogue makes available various types of rosettes and Greek keys. The stencil technique lends itself well to the creation of personalised decorations. Corporate logos, artistic decorations and stylized images are just a few examples of the used that can be made of the Stenciltop technique.

As with all types of concrete, Stenciltop must also have control joints. The joints must be made to mirror those on the existing slab. To mask the cuts, it is possible to apply Greek keys or borders that create very special effects on the flooring.

A range of 900 combinations of base and finishing colours is available. It is possible to make Greek keys and rosettes stand out by using different colours. It is, however, always wise to consult your Ideal Work installer for recommendations on the most suitable combination for your project.

Absolutely yes. Stenciltop has high resistance to abrasion and is also recommended for access ramps, car parks and driveways. It should also be remembered that resistance to compression also comes from the thickness of the substrate, an aspect that should be assessed particularly when restoring old slabs.

It is also possible to use Stenciltop to restore old self-locking floors.

Yes, subject to adequate preparation of the substrate.

It depends on the type of sheath, that is, whether it is suitable for walking on and supporting traffic. In order to make the assessment, consult the Ideal Work installer.

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