Stenciltop Floor

Renew without disruption

Looking to improve the appearance of an existing hardstanding or patio with new colours, patterns and textures? With Ideal Work Stenciltop you can – easily, quickly and with the minimum of dirt and disruption. Stenciltop is the perfect treatment for renovating and beautifying existing concrete slabs with minimal alteration to surface levels. Stenciltop is ideal for renewing and refurbishing pathways, patios, pool decks, street pavements and access ramps.


Unrepeatable beauty


Rampa per macchine in stenciltop

Long lasting beauty with durability

Choosing Stenciltop means enjoying hard landscapes that preserve their perfect look, texture and colour over time. Ideal Work’s exclusive protective treatments ensure that the surface remains extremely resistant to abrasion, oils, water penetration and climatic conditions including the effects of UV light.

Make way for your creativity!

Choose from a wide variety of classic paving, geometric, floral and edge detail designs to suit your taste. A complete range of Stenciltop products allows you to create multiple designs and textures replicating stone, brick, cobblestones or tiles in a realistic manner. Stenciltop also makes it possible to produce various finishes for slip-resistant or smooth surfaces. Add to this a standard colour palette of 29 and the schematic possibilities are endless!

It’s fast to install

Depending on the season and the complexity of the site, a team of Ideal Work® installers can create 200 m² of textured flooring in about 2-3 days. You will be able to walk over the surface just a few hours after completion. Quick and easy to install surfaces that last over time.


Surface preparation
A. First it is necessary to repair and fill all cracks, depressions and damaged areas to create a level surface.
B. The surface must be thoroughly cleaned to remove all oil, dirt, contaminants, loose particles and anything that could inhibit adhesion of the Stencil Top. If the surface is particularly badly damaged, this may require grinding to a suitable level and the application of Ideal Work Anti-gel treatment.

Stenciltop concrete application
1. Mixing of Ideal Work Colour Hardener, Ideal Binder and water and application of the mixture using a steel trowel.
2. Once the surface has dried, placement of paper stencil.
3. Mixing of Ideal Work Colour Hardener, Ideal Binder and water. Spray application of the mixture by hopper gun connected to an air compressor.
4. Before the surface is completely dry, remove the stencil carefully and clean the surface.
5. After 8 – 12 hours, application of the chosen protective sealer. Ideal Sealer is recommended. The type of sealer chosen may depend on anticipated type and frequency of traffic and environmental influences. Ideal Work sealers accentuates colours and protect the surface from oil, water, atmospheric surface contaminants and the effects of UV light.

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