Ideal Work’s Nuvolato Architop® floor is at the centre of this project in which the positive energy of nature filters through the windows, whilst clear lines and raw materials characterise the interior design.

Designed by Maltese architect Gordon Guillaumier, this Mediterranean villa opens up with large interiors exposed to the Sicilian sun. Its contemporary and elegant design is in perfect balance with its living practicality.

On the floor, Ideal Work’s Nuvolato Architop® floods the rooms with extraordinary gloss. Concrete’s beauty and sturdy charm are the real soul of this modern project.

Nuvolato Architop®’s shiny effect perfectly combines with the furnishings and their amber highlights.

The texture of the curtain fabrics and the wall tiles blend with the delicate appearance of the floor.

The velvety, polished texture of the concrete floor connects all areas throughout the house. In the daytime areas it attracts the attention with its minimalist bareness whilst, at night, in most private areas it is complemented with carpets to make concrete’s potentially industrial look feel warmer.

The glass windows overlook the vineyards of the surrounding Val di Noto and bring together the living area, kitchen and dining room.

The fireplace wall provides the most intense flash of colour, covered with Caltagirone majolica tin-glazed earthenware.

Externally, the 16 metre long blue rectangle of the swimming pool, with its smooth concrete infinity edge, is a tribute to the Mediterranean sea.

Date: 2019

Place: Sicily, Italy

Arch. Studio Gordon Guillaumier

Ph: Andrea Ferrari

Solutions chosen for Casa Infinita