In this modern Sicilian house where contemporary minimalism blends with a wild spirit, Ideal Work’s Nuvolato Architop® brings the spaces together and gives strong character to the interior.

In Noto, Sicily, in the midst of wild and arid nature, Studio Gordon Guillaumier oversaw the design of Casa Cappello, a modern residence which perfectly integrates into the surrounding natural and cultural context.

The residence has an almost monastic simplicity and view of the sea, which can be glimpsed on the horizon. The wild-looking but well-kept garden with palm trees and Mediterranean shrubs, combined with the swimming pool overlooking the sea and a large patio shaded by plants, provides everything needed for a sense of well-being. These characteristics are the hallmark of Gordon Guillaumier, whose creations deny the concepts of accumulation and obsessive consumption, promoting instead a careful balance conveyed by a few pieces of design and quality art that last over time.

On the floor, Nuvolato Architop® in a dark grey shade connects the internal and external environments, providing visual continuity and giving the residence a minimal and contemporary character. With its seamlessness and unique texture, Nuvolato Architop® visually expands any space and can be applied to any solid substrate, even in the presence of underfloor heating. It is also resistant to chemical and atmospheric agents and abrasion.

Date: 2010

Place: Sicilia, Italia

Architect: Studio Gordon Guillaumier

ph: Mattia Aquila

Solutions chosen for Casa Cappello