ANK Studio goes beyond the mere concept of integration between interior and exterior. In this recently renovated villa with a colonnade, the interior, garden and greenery of the surrounding landscape coexist, communicate and merge. On the floor, Ideal Work’s Nuvolato Architop® acts as a neutral and contemporary backdrop.

In the province of Treviso, a villa with a colonnade has been the subject of an important renovation project led by the architects at ANK STUDIO. The project involved the expansion of the residence and the adjacent colonnade as well as their integration within the villa’s large, beautiful garden. The development is surrounded in turn by a dense forest of broad-leaved trees, hornbeams and maples. It could be said that nature has entered the house: the small windows of the residence and the opaque walls of the existing colonnade have been replaced by large windows, allowing the greenery to enter the interior. The residence and the colonnade were then connected by a glass prism which acts as the main access to the house and also as a connecting element between the two buildings.

Outside, the colonnade has retained the existing structural system of wooden beams that follow the shape of the arches and sit directly on the ground. The walls have been covered in elongated hand-made bricks — a material also present in the interiors – to create a solid connection of elements and to promote privacy in certain areas of the house.


Inside, Nuvolato Architop® was applied on the floor. Nuvolato Architop® is an Ideal Work solution which maintains the beauty and robustness of concrete, yet overcomes its traditional limitations of thickness and weight. The result is a seamless surface with a contemporary, vibrant aesthetic which at the same time provides extreme wear resistance. With its neutral appearance, Nuvolato Architop® highlights the interior’s natural wood furnishings, steel island and other accessories designed to add a few colourful touches. Particularly suitable for renovations, Nuvolato Architop® is an excellent solution for both internal and external use which can be used on any existing solid substrate without the need to remove the surface.

Date: 2023

Place: Treviso, Italy

Designer: ANK STUDIO

ph: Luca Casonato

Solutions chosen for Private villa with a colonnade