Team Ideal Work

Enthusiastic, capable, always ready to accept any new challenges that the future may present; an international mindset combined with an extraordinary ability to listen closely to and respond to, customer needs. This ethos is what unites the people in our company.
Ideal Work is present in over 80 countries including Greece, Cyprus, Malta, The UAE, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, Egypt, France, Germany, The UK, The Netherlands, Spain, The Caribbean countries, India and Qatar.

Luca Seminati

Socio fondatore

Direttore commerciale

Maurizio Pontello

Socio fondatore

Direttore tecnico

Roberto Velludo

Responsabile finanziario & HR

Giovanni Fonte Basso

Responsabile marketing

Stefano Fontanari

Sales Manager

Valentina De Agnoi

Marketing assistant

Silvia Gambirasi

Ufficio Commerciale

Laura Fabrin

Ufficio Commerciale

Paola Zen

Costumer service

Claudia Danesi

Responsabile Acquisti

Arianna Stradiotto

Customer service

Cristina Carraro

Ufficio Commerciale

Nicola Cazzaro

Responsabile Magazzino Logistica

Laila Vezzaro

Responsabile ufficio Commerciale

Stefano Bastasin

assistenza tecnica

Simone Fasan

Magazzino e Logistica

Renzo Zanatta

Magazzino e Logistica

Omar Pagnan

Magazzino e Logistica

Mostaphà Ardouz

Magazzino e Logistica

Giuliano Cornale

Magazzino e Logistica

Adil El Hachimi

Magazzino e Logistica

Jacopo Bacchin

Magazzino e Logistica

Abdelhamid El Hachimi

Magazzino e Logistica