On the journey into well-being and relaxation, materiality proves to be a key element of the project. Welcome to one of the most enticing and innovative spas in Beijing.

Jinbao Street is a lively, high end district in Beijing, just a step away from the incessant movement of the city — the ideal place to leave the frenzy behind and start a healing and regenerating journey.

The YUSPA brand, at the entrance to the reception on the fourth floor, is transformed into a “concrete effect” through the use of Ideal Work’s Microtopping®. This seamless concrete solution covers over 1,000 square metres of floor and walls in this spa, which is dedicated to well-being and meditation.
Microtopping® microcement creates an effect of material continuity that brings together the various areas of this “temple of wellness’ for the body and the mind.

Since its foundation, YUSPA has taken the five senses as a corporate core concept and the interior design project for the spa was developed accordingly by US Concept.
The main goal was to create an environment able to speak to the body, mind and spirit, both in its conception and in its use.

The reception area and all public spaces with a SPA room are located on the top floor.

The fragrance display area was designed not only to showcase the company’s essential oils and products, but also to offer guests who love essential oil culture the opportunity to share their experience. A large 2.7-metre custom made counter, designed to accommodate essences and seat guests, was enhanced through the application of Ideal Work’s Purometallo — a solution able to transform any surface into a striking metal effect. This refined counter highlights the preciousness of essential oils, almost resembling a “golden altar”.

This project was conceived as a path of healing. When space and action are connected, they make for a truly unique experience.

Date: 2021

Place: Beijing, China

Designer: Weijun Wang

Solutions chosen for YUSHE Spa