Ideal Work’s Microtopping® was used for the floors in the cellar, bedroom and bathrooms on this villa in Beijing. This seamless solution by Ideal Work was the only possible fit to meet the distinctive style of this residence.

The residence, designed by architect Rui Hu, is an essential and minimalist dwelling where light tones ‘flood’ all surfaces.

Along with the minimalist décor, natural light is cleverly utilised in the entrance and a consistent use of transparent surfaces creates lively and seemingly luminous volumes. The general feeling conveyed by the interior is of a contemplative living space.

The seamlessness guaranteed by Ideal Work microcement considerably enhances the spiritual atmosphere of the residence’s rooms.

Microtopping® is a solution able to suit any kind of internal space — even the most intimate rooms such as the bedroom or bathroom. It complements any other material used with elegance and continuity, ensuring absolute impermeability to water and chemical agents as well as providing great practicality in daily cleaning.

If the villa’s exposure to sunlight has been well thought out, the great brightness that characterises the interior also derives from the light tone of the concrete solution chosen for the floor — a solution which delicately combines with similar light shades of wood in some of the rooms.

Yet another example of Microtopping’s extreme flexibility in use — an ideal solution for both industrial and refined styles, as is the case in this elegant residence.

The airiness and light that permeate the project create a charming, stark contrast with the vibrant and highly durable character of Ideal Work’s flooring.

Date: 2022

Place: Beijing, China

Architect: RUI HU

Solutions chosen for Private villa in Changdao