Acid Stained Floor

Free your fantastic imagination when creating your favourite floor
Each floor is a unique work of art.

Unique and unrepeatable

The acid stained floor is in fact a truly “custom-made floor” that is designed and built according to the designer’s and customer’s requirements. Acid Stained floors are created using particular acids from metallic salt compounds which penetrate into the concrete and react with the free lime, chemically changing the colour to produce unique and permanent variegated effects. Ideal Work® acid stains create variable, diverse or translucent effects that are very similar to the nuances of natural stone or the aged appearance of a weather worn coating. The result is unique for each surface and can not be duplicated with other dyeing materials. Concrete loses its banal appearance and takes on a rich and natural beauty.


Unrepeatable beauty


Pavimenti in cemento per interni

It is unique and modern

Acid stained concrete has caught the attention of design studios, architects, landscape architects, designers and decorators for incorporation into the design of private houses, lofts, public spaces, shops and showrooms, restaurants, nightclubs, pubs, pavilions and exhibition fairs, hotels and shopping centres. Thanks to the adaptability of Ideal Work® products and technologies, each individual project is evaluated and designed according to the type of end usage and the traffic it has to support. Depending on these criteria and the customer’s specific requirements, flooring thicknesses, type of texture (powder or pasty), the type of surface finish and other technical variables of flooring are decided.

Pavimento in cemento colorato

It’s practical and easy to maintain

Commercial installations shine with easy-to-maintain colourful floors. In terms of durability and abrasive resistance, the colour of the acid stained concrete is of a better quality than the concrete surfaces covered with acrylic dyes or other types of resins that can peel, fade or disintegrate quickly. Thanks to their chemical reaction with concrete, Ideal Work® acids become part of the surface. They are not subject to fading, spoiling, cracking or peeling.

Rivestimenti per scale o anche superfici verticali, rivestite con la soluzione cemento acidificato

It is not only applicable to floors

It is possible to create stairs or even vertical surfaces coated with the Acid Stain solution. Architects now have a solution to create unique and unforgettable environments which can be created and personalised along with Ideal Work® applicators according to specific requirements


1. Surface preparation
2. Application of Ideal Stain
3. Washing
4. Washing with Neutralize
5. Application of a protective sealer

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