Creative restoration: keeping the essence of a surface whilst adding modernity

Venice is a magical city where every detail of its palace’s majestic façades contributes to the character of this timeless space, as if Venice itself was a gem nestled in a truly unique atmosphere.

The city of art and architecture is a place where history and modernity blend in a harmonious contrast within the streets, squares and refined, often customised, interiors of its palaces.

In such distinctive locations, renovations are often needed. It is very important that these renovations do not threaten the building’s original structure and that the space is allowed to evolve and establish a harmonic connection with the surrounding environment.

Ideal Work products represent a perfect solution for the renovation of palaces and galleries, true depositaries of history and culture.Nuvolato Architop® and Microtopping® are Ideal Work’s most suitable materials for such projects.

Venice Pavilion

Date: 2020
Where: Biennale di Architettura, Venice
Material: Nuvolato Architop

Nuvolato Architop has been used over the floor of the Biennale’s Venice Pavilion. This innovative material provides the strength and safety of concrete as well as the chance to create environments with a modern, refined look. The use of Ideal Work’s products has allowed the creation of a minimal-thickness uniform surface without having to remove the existing floor.

Marignana Art Gallery in Venice

Date: 2013
Where: Venice
Material: Nuvolato Architop

Artworks displayed in galleries or museums need to be perceived as the real reason for the exhibition space. Lighting, colours and surfaces are important architectural elements that take part in a common project: art. The Marignana Art Gallery is located in a Venetian palace in the Dorsoduro district, an area of the city which is now famous as a hub for modern and contemporary art. The internal space is characterised by modern, bright walls in perfect continuity with the Nuvolato Architop floor.

Murano Glass Museum

Date: 2015
Where: Venice
Material: Nuvolato Architop

Renovation projects can often require long and complex works but here, thanks to Ideal Work’s solutions, it has been possible to create a seamless floor of great beauty and durability in a short time with minimal disruption to existing surfaces.

Palazzo Grassi’s Teatrino

Where: Venice
Material: Nuvolato Architop

Palazzo Grassi’s Teatrino in Venice, designed by famous architect Tadao Ando, is a place where art and design blend to create a single harmonious entity; an innovative space, conceived to meet specific aesthetic and acoustic needs.
The use of Nuvolato Architop has allowed the creation of dynamic yet elegant surfaces able to meet the requirements of such an internationally renowned place of art and performance.