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The micro-cement enhances the modernity of Lanterna campsite in Parenzo (Porec)
A play on contrasts, a minimalist aesthetic among the sea atmosphere.
Thanks to its unique characteristics, Microtopping is an ideal coating for external paving. The Camping Lanterna in Porec
For the locale's external paving, micro-cement was chosen: the most innovative of Ideal Work solutions, used here in an entirely original way. Microtopping is a special compound of cement and water-based polymers and is ideal for coating, renewing and recreating continuous surfaces, both horizontally and vertically.
Although it is mainly used for interior design or in renovations (for example in bathroom or home renovations), thanks to its unique, modern and material aesthetic, but above all thanks to its resistance that is greater than traditional concrete coverings, Microtopping micro-cement can also be applied as external paving.

Microtopping is ideal for a great variety of external paving: for covering terraces, sidewalks, the edges of swimming pools, but also for porticoes and walls, as it offers good protection from water penetration, climatic stress, de-icing salts and UV rays. Moreover, micro-cement does not require any special maintenance.

Microtopping was thus applied as external paving in the area around the building, adding a touch of minimalist modernity in fusion with the surrounding landscape. It plays with contrasts and references other pavings, among the modern, neutral aesthetic of the cement and the maritime atmosphere of the location.

External paving in micro-cement becomes a neutral background and enhances the surrounding environment. The space created is therefore expanded, acquiring a natural depth, harmony and lightness. But this is not the first time that Microtopping has been used as exterior paving. Just 3 mm thick, it has been used to line avenues, walkways, pool areas, structures, stairs, platforms and columns: all possible thanks to the material's great ductility and workability, as well its high adhesion to any type of base.

The artisan craftsmanship of Microtopping also allows the degree of ideal finish for each project to be chosen: in this case, being outside and in particular at a swimming pool, a rougher finish that creates an anti-slip surface has been opted for.


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