Concrete People: Alberto Ferretti

ALBERTO and his SILVANO FERRETTI have been partners with Ideal Work since 2001 and, due to their comprehensive understanding of our products, are currently the only ones creating Sassoitalia pools.

Imagine the slope of a small hill overlooking an unspoilt green valley. Now imagine you can build a pool with an irregular edge that follows the hill’s natural contours with breath-taking views. What could be better than that?

Imagine that this is not the usual resin-coated pool but one made of coloured thixotropic plaster to better blend with the surrounding landscape. Its walls and bottom have a rocky appearance and colour that resemble the pool’s natural surroundings. It almost looks like a natural spring. What could be better than that?

Nothing! For this reason, Alberto bought several Ideal Tix pallets and is now about to make this dream come true! A dream that makes him fall asleep peacefully…


“Oh my Gosh!” It is dawn and Alberto just woke up with a start, having had a stroke of genius. Well, a stroke of genius might be an exaggeration, let’s say an epiphany.
“The pool has to be made of SASSOITALIA!” he screams.
“What could go wrong?” he mumbles to himself.
“Nothing!” replies the little angel on his shoulder.
“I have serious doubts” argues the little devil on the other shoulder.
“The material is great. Your skill is excellent! Trust your instinct” the angel encourages him.
“Your skill won’t do you any good if your theory does not, literally, hold water!” objects the devil. A pool that does not hold water?


“We’ll see about that!” screams Alberto while he reaches for the phone to call Ideal Work. “Luca, I propose an exchange. Take back my last order and send me Colourmix, aggregates and everything I need to apply Sassoitalia to my pool instead.”
“I don’t think this is exactly an ‘exchange’.”
“How serious are you about this thing?” asks Luca.
“100% serious!”
“Deal, then”
After a brief moment of silence, Alberto shouts: “Let’s do it!”


Later… “I did it!” Alberto shouts whilst staring at the finished work.
The pool not only merges with the surrounding landscape but also manages to enhance it. The sand coloured bottom and ultrathin coral pink aggregates give the water a crystal-clear reflection. The green colour of the grass mirrored in the water looks even brighter.
“This was an excellent call!” says the angel.
“Shall we celebrate with a dip??” suggests the devil.
“Hurray for Sassoitalia pools!” screams Alberto as he dives in.