Concrete People: Ak Murat

MURAT and his SCREPO have been partner with Ideal Work since 2016. They are also distributors for the Turkish and American market, with several ongoing projects featuring Microtopping, combined with other materials, in renowned locations.


Murat, his deputy and the architect are making a last inspection of the building site before the big day: the start of work. They are walking across a large space used as a warehouse; on the pallets are dozens of buckets of Microtopping, Lixio and Purometallo. At a quick glance it looks like nothing is missing.
“… here is the base, the finish… Oh, this is the polymer… And here is pack-c-black.”
Murat promptly corrects the architect: “Smoke.”
“No no, black.” replies the other.
“Didn’t we say Smoke?”
“We did, but then, with the management, we changed our minds. Not a big deal with these bottles, we’ll change them!”
“But work starts tomorrow!”
“Let’s change them quickly, then!” the architect laughs, continuing the inspection to check that nothing else is missing.
Murat looks at his deputy and asks “Where is my DHL uniform for emergencies?”



“You are insane!”
“I know, Luca, thanks for reminding me.”
Murat has just opened two empty bags in front of the guys at the warehouse.
“You have to put ALL the pack-c-black bottles you have in the company here, in this bag. Do you have some which are already opened? Perhaps some you used during training courses or for internal testing? Add them too. I want none left behind!”

From far away, Maurizio’s voice gets closer: “How was the trip, my friend?”
“Better to laugh about it. Kazan-Istanbul. Istanbul-Venice. Venice-Vallà 33 minutes 42 seconds, the taxi driver’s personal record. Now please give me something to drink and eat, at 3 pm I’m flying back!”
“Come on, let’s go” Luca spurs him with a pat on his shoulder “You certainly are one of a kind!”



“Sir, could you please open these two suitcases?”
“Sir, could you explain what all these bottles are for?”
“I am an artist and these are my liquid colours.”

“Are we sure he’s not trying to import these substances unlawfully?”
“Listen, it’s really late, I’ve just been to Italy to buy these high-quality colours for my next piece of art for a very important person in Russia and I have to start tomorrow!”
Murat looks for the guard’s comprehension. His lip movement is pretty clear. The guard snaps to attention. They let him pass.

While he’s waiting for a taxi, Murat stares at the two suitcases: it seemed impossible to make it, but he is growing accustomed to impossible missions with Ideal Work.
“Luca is definitely right, I am insane, but they are too!”