Dividing his time between Paris and Milan, Simone Bossi is a photographer with a strong sensitivity and deep knowledge of the architectural world.
After completing his studies in Italy and Seville, he worked as an architect in his homeland, in Switzerland and also in the Basque Country before changing his career into that of a photographer.
We interviewed him to discover more about his personal research and artwork.

Good morning Simone, thank you for your time.
Let’s start from a topic that interests art in general: beauty. Do you think beauty is unrepeatable? If so why?
Personally, I don’t think it is necessary to know the definitive and absolute answer to this question, which is simple and yet complex at the same time.
The experience of beauty is unique and subjective. Each one of us experiences beauty at a different level of depth, according to our own inner sensitivity.
Beauty probably reflects a specific moment, an emotional state, a particular condition able to manifest itself in many different shapes: harmony, restlessness, light, space and atmosphere. Or not to manifest itself at all, or to manifest itself only partially as hidden beauty, escaping beauty, indomitable beauty, uncertain beauty or, again, a kind of beauty that isn’t even necessary to understand.
I feel, however, that beauty, beyond its nature and definition, stimulates and raises awareness as a force able to take root in our deep subconscious imagery. Beauty silently awaits for new experiences to face: beauty attracts more beauty and only at that point, the regenerated beauty of a past experience comes to light, once again renewed.

Where do you draw inspiration from each time you use your camera?
I’ll tell you what happens when I use my camera. My natural and spontaneous relationship with this instrument inevitably affects my job.
Taking pictures, for me, means walking slower and moving slowly implies that you get to pay more attention to your senses, in that time and that space, waiting for some sudden, magical atmosphere to surround you. Or simply waiting for nothing to happen.

Do you already have new personal projects ready to come into being? If yes, can you give us some news about them?
Actually I don’t have any particular project going on in my head at the moment. I’m usually not interested in developing photographic projects in their most ordinary conception, meaning to show or to denounce anything; I obviously respect and understand such an aim, but it’s not really my cup of tea.
What I’m interested in, is to work on my own approach, my feelings, my impressions and on building an imagery. What kind of inspiration does this imagery provide and why?
Sometimes I find myself pondering on the lack of understanding of what I’m feeling or observing and on the deep acceptance of this gap.
This inner path turns thus into some brief photographic sessions; to be more accurate, it turns into some emotional outbursts that, through such a unique medium as the camera, try to investigate what is still unclear to me about myself.

To find out more about Simone Bossi: http://www.simonebossi.it

Photo Credits: Simone Bossi / Instagram: @simonebossiphotographer