Floor treatments

The protection of industrial floors

Millions of euros are spent each year for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of industrial floorings. A large amount of this money could be saved if proper planning and more attention were paid to the type of protective treatment to be used on the flooring.

PETROTEX-S is an acrylic-siloxane based solvent, water- and oil-repellent for the treatment of concrete surfaces. PETROTEX-S produces a stable, penetrating, oil- and water-repellent emulsion for the treatment of concrete surfaces. Thanks to its formulation, PETROTEX-S acts by impregnation, so it is not prone to detaching, cracking or signs of wear.

AQUAPEL-S is a new-generation sealant, a solvent-based silica-polycondensed product. This transparent, penetrating and breathable water repellent product is ideal for indoor and outdoor use on quality concrete. AQUAPEL-S penetrates into concrete and, thanks to a chemical reaction, binds itself directly to the surface, making it highly resistant to both moisture and salt. The accelerated chemical reaction of AQUAPEL-S with the natural minerals in the cortical part of the concrete produces a water-salt repellent surface, 7-10 days after application.