What is beauty for you?

I think the question ‘what beauty is’, is a very difficult one and everyone will answer this question differently due to their backgrounds, ages, circumstances and many more factors.
Furthermore I would say, that also my personal answer to this question can vary with the time or with different situations.
Most likely i would explain perfect beauty for me as something that is created when different things, circumstances, persons, etc… become  „well-rounded“ in its interaction. And you feel that it is right and should not be different at all. It also does not have to reference aesthetic aspects. An example most of you will have experienced is an evening that can be „simply beautiful“ when people, food and location are fitting together.
Referring to architecture, beauty can arise when, for instance, material, conception and construction create a coherent unity. Or when you see how people are giving life to a building.
And beautiful things do not always have to be something coherent but can also be something really contradictory.

What is the influence of beauty in your activity?

With my photo series, I want to show that modern architecture does not have to be grey and monotonous as it often is in realty. It’s very prevalent that modern architecture is only perceived as cold and not beautiful. That’s because functionality became predominant in the process of designing whilst questions like joy and beauty were neglected.  Giving colours to functional buildings, I want to give an idea how this very simple intervention can make those structures more interesting, livable and beautiful.

Would you like to tell us something of about your work and your future projects?

Eventually I think that i am going to expand the series to more countries and cities around the world as there is still a lot of different architecture to see and interpret. As I only started studying architecture in 2016, this is currently my priority. Although at the moment there are no other projects planned ideas for projects often come very spontaneously into my mind,as was the case with this project.

About me:

I was born 1998 in Berlin. After finishing school in 2016 I moved to Austria to study architecture at the University of Arts and Industrial Design in Linz.


About the project: 

In the project I started in 2015, I photograph modern buildings and colour them with photoshop to criticise the lack of colour in modern architecture and to show how colour can make „normal“ buildings more interesting and livable.


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