The splendid town of Lazise, ​​called “Lasise” in Venetian, lies on the eastern shore of Lake Garda. The surrounding natural landscape is wonderful and is accentuated by the architecture of the beautiful lakefront buildings, making the area, just a few miles from Verona, a real tourist gem. Ideal Work created a panoramic path in Lazise, covering a vast network of pedestrian walkways through green public spaces, with elegant natural-effect stamped concrete. The imprinted concrete surfaces, whose beautiful colours contrast with the surrounding greenery, are faithful imitations of various beautiful natural stones but are more economical and quicker to lay. Textured and imprinted concrete offers an excellent outdoor solution, providing better resistance to wear and weathering than conventional options whilst fitting in perfectly with the beautiful landscape.


Date: 2007

Place: Lazise, Italia

Solutions chosen for Scenic route in Lazise

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