Rainbow MagicLand is located in Valmontone and is Rome’s largest amusement park. Every day it attracts many thousands of visitors, both young and old, with its 38 fantastic attractions and its ever-changing shows. Ideal Work covered all the paving areas of the park with stamped and imprinted concrete, an enormous area of more than 12,000 square metres (almost 130,000 square feet). Each area is clearly marked out by a particular type of stamped pattern and a sympathetic colour that matches the desired scenic effect, recreating the beauty of ceramics, brick, wood, natural stone and rock as required. Just like the best attractions in an amusement park, Ideal Work’s imprinted and textured concrete lets your imagination run wild and can be personalised with any kind of surface texture and decoration, such as coloured acids, filled joints, decorative borders or rosettes.


Date: 2012

Place: Valmonte, Italia

Scenographer: Fabio Pignata

Solutions chosen for Rainbow Magicland

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