Nuvolato Architop® covers the horizontal surfaces of P+E+3 house designed by Studio Caprioglio Architects in Cittadella (PD). Highlights of the project include the residence’s connection with the surrounding context and its history.

The city wall of Cittadella, north of Padova, inspired the P+E+3 residence project by Caprioglio Architects.

Enlivened by the spirit of the place, the property combines a contemporary style with the use of bricks on the external facades. The result is an outer appearance reminiscent of the city wall that perfectly blends with its surrounding environment.

This residential building is composed of two important fair-faced brick walls on the north and east sides. The south and west sides – encompassing the garden and overlooking the city wall and Porta Bassano – offer a contrasting, completely different style.

The two-storey residence is accessed through a main entrance on the western façade of the ground floor, which is connected by a seamless, continuous appearance to all the other rooms.

On the ground floor are spaces dedicated to family and conviviality. The kitchen, of great importance here, is equipped with a central island and large table. In the middle of the great open space where kitchen and living room merge, a double-sided fireplace built in a section of wall creates a subliminal separation between the two areas. The kitchen has large windows overlooking the garden, making the transition from interior to exterior fluid and undefined. The kitchen space also includes a storeroom.

A second entrance on the east side opens into a double levelled space characterised by a green wall: an internal vertical garden that communicates with its external counterpart, visible through the large windows. A stairway connects the basement with the top floor. On the first floor, an elevated stain and glass platform provides a panoramic view of the northern and eastern masonry walls.

On the north side are three bedrooms and two bathrooms; the master suite is on the east side, along with an en-suite bathroom and walk-in wardrobe. The basement is comprised of a garage, utility rooms and cellar; it is accessible both internally through the stairs and externally through a vehicle accessible ramp.

The interior has a minimalist style where all the elements are centrepieces of their space. Each area is connected by an apparent seamless fluidity where boundaries blur and a visual sense of freedom and openness emerges. Lines are neat and contemporary furniture is combined with more classic elements. Nuvolato Architop® was chosen to bring all these items together and create a perception of continuity between different environments and materials. In just 3-4 mm thickness, this Ideal Work solution exceeds traditional concrete’s limits of thickness and weight whilst still maintaining its beauty and robustness.

Nuvolato Architop®’s seamlessness and vibrant aesthetic impact gave the property an outstanding industrial look. In addition, through its high resistance to chemical agents, adverse weather conditions, abrasion, cracking and freeze/thaw cycles, Architop is suitable for both internal and external use, enhancing all kinds of environment with a unique appearance.

Date: 2021

Place: Cittadella, Italy

Architect: Caprioglio Studio

Ph: Paolo Monello

Solutions chosen for Private villa in Cittadella