A stunning refuge with natural tones and an elegant and comfortable atmosphere, Loft Mol is one of the first projects featuring Ideal Work’s new Terrae-Calce products. Used on the walls in combination with Microtopping® in the same shade, the Terrae-Calce finish chosen for this residence gives continuity and light to the interior environments.

This modern space is much more than a simple home: it is a place of comfort, work, conviviality and rest. Attention to the smallest detail ensures a relaxed and, at the same time, elegant atmosphere. This is what the architects of Mol Loft, a modern loft in Belgium, decided to create with their project: the result is a soft-coloured haven in which every detail is carefully curated and blends with other luxurious elements.

As soon as you step inside the loft you immediately sense its characteristic compositional balance: the interior features just the perfect number of elements — a kind of minimalism which conveys a humanity and warmth, two important qualities for a residence intended for everyday use.

The credit goes to skilful use of colour — precious ally and common theme of the project. The right palette allows the illumination of the space and decorates the environment. Here, the choice fell on a light shade between white and yellow, which successfully brightens and softens the interior with its natural charm.

The architects opted to combine two Ideal Work solutions: the new Terrae-Calce lime-based solution was used on the walls in the Matera finish, characterised by a lived-in, artisanal appearance. Microtopping® — a special solution that allows the creation of seamless surfaces in just 3 mm of thickness — was chosen for the floor, in the same shade as the Terrae-Calce. The combination of these two solutions in the same colour made it possible to obtain a very harmonious, seamless effect, capable of visually enlarging the space whilst bringing together the different rooms with great elegance.

Date: 2023

Place: Belgium

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Solutions chosen for Loft Mol