Floors can be one of the most distinctive elements of living or commercial spaces, influencing the look, function and atmosphere of an environment.
In recent years, modern floor design trends have undergone a great evolution, thanks also to the introduction of innovative materials, colours, textures and finishes.

Consequently, the market now offers many different options, suitable for all kinds of style and taste, and able to meet the need of any home or business owner. Options span from hardwood to laminate, from ceramic to concrete, through vinyl. Such a vast number of available possibilities, though, can make your choice particularly difficult.
In this article we will explore some of the latest trends and innovations in the world of modern flooring. We will try to highlight their advantages and disadvantages, allowing you to make an informed decision and choose the most suitable floor for your needs.

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic floors are a versatile and durable choice for any environment. Available in a wide range of colours, shapes and designs, these surfaces can create a wide variety of looks and atmospheres, from traditional to modern and minimalist styles. Additionally, ceramic floors are resistant to wear, stains and water, which makes them a viable choice for kitchens, bathrooms and other high-traffic areas. Ceramic floors are also relatively easy to clean.

Ceramic floors, however, come with some disadvantages: fragility, hardness — which makes the material uncomfortable to tread on for those who walk barefoot — the fact that they are slippery when wet, and their difficult installation.
Furthermore, ceramic floors are cold in winter, if not adequately heated, and can easily crack or break in the event of violent impacts.

Finally, it can be difficult to remove stubborn stains or persistent dirt from the joints between the tiles, which require careful cleaning and regular maintenance.

Wooden floors

Hardwood floors are a fascinating, potentially elegant, classic and timeless choice for any environment.
Due to their natural beauty, hardwood floors can bring warmth and class to any environment.

Available in a wide variety of wood species and finishes, these floors can be customised to suit any style of decor, from rustic to contemporary.
However, wooden floors require special care and regular maintenance to keep their beauty intact and their durability as long-lasting as possible.

In addition, they can be sensitive to humidity and temperature variations, so for certain climatic zones they may represent the least suitable choice.
Finally, they are easily scratched and subject to the risk of mould and infiltrations.

Vinyl floors (PVC) 

Vinyl floors are a popular choice mainly due to their cost-effectiveness.
These floors offer great versatility, and are also used to reproduce the appearance of other more expensive materials and textures.

Vinyl floors are resistant to water, stains and wear, which makes them ideal for kitchens and bathrooms alike.
Despite their multiple advantages, however, vinyl floors may not display the same natural beauty as wooden floors or the same appeal as ceramic, and their durability may not be as strong as that of other floors.

Among the disadvantages of vinyl floors are their sensitivity to sunrays and temperature variations, and their consequent degradability over time. They are also hard to remove. 

Marble floors

Marble floors are a luxurious and elegant choice for any environment. They allow to create a special atmosphere of refinement that can hardly be achieved through other materials.
Obviously, the main obstacle of this type of floor is their costliness, in addition to the fact that they require constant care and maintenance.

Laminate floors

Laminate floors often represent the most economical choice for those who look for an affordable alternative to hardwood or natural stone floors. Thanks to the latest technological advancements, laminate floors can replicate the look of several other materials, thus allowing to avoid the cost and maintenance these would normally require. Additionally, laminate floors are also easy to install.

However, this type of surface may be less wear-resistant than other options and therefore may need to be replaced more frequently.

Natural stone floors

Natural stone floors can give your interior an elegant and sophisticated look. Stone is a highly durable and hard-wearing material. This makes it an ideal choice for high-use areas like the living room or kitchen. Additionally, stone floors come in several varieties, including granite, marble, slate, and others, meaning your chances to find a suitable option for your decor style are high. Stone floors also allow for great custom possibilities.
On the other hand, they can be costly and may require major and regular maintenance to preserve their appearance.
In addition, they are porous and therefore less resistant than other types of floors, and they are cold underfoot.

Resin floors

Resin is a versatile material that can be customised to create many different floor varieties.
In a previous article we extensively described the characteristics of resin floors by comparing them to microcement floors.

Concrete floors

Concrete floors are an excellent choice for any environment.
Thanks to their versatility and durability, concrete floors have become increasingly sought after in recent years, as they represent a modern, innovative, design choice for both internal and external applications. Available in a huge variety of options, concrete floors can create and recreate any style of furniture, from industrial to modern and contemporary.

The robustness of concrete is well known and it is what makes the material so resistant to mechanical stress and daily wear, ensuring a long-lasting durability. Thanks to the uncountable custom possibilities concrete allows through different finishes and textures, it is possible to create a great variety of decorative effects, making any environment unique.
Concrete floors are an ideal choice for those who look for a custom-made, resistant, long-lasting floor with a modern and elegant style.
Check out our options for internal and external spaces and choose the one that best suits your needs and taste.