Microcement is a material that is becoming increasingly popular in interior decor, thanks above all to its modern and elegant aesthetics, its durability and easy maintenance.
Even though it can be applied to the most diverse environments, microcement is particularly suitable for bathrooms, where waterproof and moisture-resistant materials are required.
Furthermore, microcement is wear-resistant, which makes it an ideal choice for bathroom floors and walls, which are usually subject to heavy use.




Thanks to its ability to adhere to different surfaces, microcement can also be used to coat old tiled or masonry surfaces.
We also remind you that it can be used both for the renovation of pre-existing environments and structures, perhaps in case of damage or wear, and to give a new look to an old bathroom.

Applying microcement onto bathroom surfaces requires adequate preparation. The surface must be clean, free from dust and grease, and all cracks and holes should be filled with a repair mortar before the application of microcement.

Once the surface has been prepared, microcement is applied in several thin layers using a trowel. As soon as the application is completed, microcement must be allowed to dry for several days before it can be sealed.

Microcement can be used for different parts of the bathroom, including floors, walls, bathtubs and showers. It can also be used for sinks and bathroom tops.



Let’s see the various possible applications in detail.

Shower coating: microcement is an exceptional material for showers. Through its water-resistance and its ability to adapt to any shape, it will allow you to create an elegant and modern seamless shower.

Floor: microcement is a perfect choice to cover the floor of your bathroom, too. It allows to create a minimalist and modern environment. A microcement floor is waterproof and easy to clean.

Walls: microcement can also be used to cover the walls of your bathroom, giving the environment a uniform and modern effect. You can choose between different shades of colour to customise your bathroom. In addition, microcement walls are easy to clean and moisture-resistant.

Sink: a microcement sink is an elegant and modern choice. You can choose between different shapes and sizes to make it fit your environment perfectly.

Bathtub: a microcement bathtub is a modern and original choice. Microcement perfectly adapts to any shapes, creating a uniform and seamless effect.

To sum up, covering your bathroom with microcement brings a number of advantages. It is a versatile, aesthetically valuable and practical material.
If you want to obtain the best possible result, we remind you that it is important to rely on specialised professionals for the application of microcement in bathrooms.

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