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Ideal Work for the Murano Glass Museum - Venice
Nuvolato Flooring renovates the floors of the display areas

The Murano Glass Museum (VE) is reopening to the public after a complete renovation. The extension project, made possible by annexing part of the former glassworks, was centred on the historic rooms of Palazzo Giustiniano, which has housed the Museum since 1861, and an area of the former glass bead factory next to the Museum.
Retaining the architectural lines of the existing building, the interior reflects the most contemporary minimalism and now resembles a large white cube with bright, adaptable display areas where the artificial light blends with the natural illumination from the exterior.

The colour white dominates and illuminates the walls, ceilings and display articles.  The flooring helps to extend the spaces and emphasise the exhibits.
The surface chosen was Ideal Work’s Nuvolato Flooring which, with its clear and delicate colouring, bestows sophistication and brightness and blends harmoniously with the surroundings.  The zinc colour chosen for the Museum’s floor produces a very elegant colour effect that harmonises perfectly with the simple, sophisticated space of the rooms.  

The choice of Ideal Work was not only driven by aesthetic reasons: the company has recently developed a new product, Architop, a polymer concrete solution that enables renovation of existing floors at very low thicknesses (just 2-3 mm), increasing their durability and aesthetic impact. Particularly suited for restoration projects and surfaces subject to high traffic, Architop enabled the existing surfaces to be regenerated, avoiding the removal of the old floor and ensuring high durability to cold, chemical agents, abrasions and cracks. Once Architop was applied, the cloudy ‘nuvolato’ appearance was created in line with the requests of the designer, with whom the effect of the finish was agreed ad hoc.
Subsequently, in order to make the surfaces stain resistant, Petrotex-S, an oil and water-repellent protective treatment was applied. This also ensures the reduction of cracks and chips and allows the floor to be kept clean for longer. Needing little maintenance, the surfaces keep their appearance intact over time.
The works were carried out to schedule by authorised, qualified Ideal Work installers – UNIGET. The Museum can now rely on surfaces that are durable to heavy traffic and have great aesthetic impact.

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