Artificial rocks are a great solution to cover indoor and outdoor walls and decorate your spaces in a quick and easy way. Amongst their main uses there are:

1 – The creation of scenic swimming pools

2 – Waterfalls and caves made of fake rocks, either on the surface or submerged.

An in-ground pool is a symbol of elegance and refinement. You can turn it into a unique, scenic architecture by adding some wall waterfalls, some artificial rock walls or landscapes, embellished by plants and water effects.


The artificial rocks allow you to decorate your house, garden, pool, spa and much more within a few days. Thanks to our artisan applicators’ creativity, your designs will turn into reality.


Rocce artificiali
Artificial rocks to decorate a public space


This solution has been designed for renovations; it is impact-resistant, suitable for water contact, it has no limits of thickness and can therefore be modeled and applied to any kind of surface, giving free rein to fantasy and imagination.


Thanks to our artisan applicators’ experience and competence, you can create something original and scenic like:

1 – exotic swimming pools, embellished by artificial rock walls

2 – artificial rock pooldecks

3 – waterfalls

4 – artificial coves

5 – artificial caves, submerged or not

Extremely artistic and impressive masterpieces.


Swimming pool with artificial rocks
Waterfall with a wall of artificial rocks




Size, thickness, weight and substrate they can be applied to

Artificial rocks are designed to create environments with unique, impressive aesthetics. It is possible to create fake rocks and stones of different sizes, with a stamped plaster thickness varying from 3 to 8 millimeters depending on the substrate features, the total weight and the type of decoration one wants to create.


Thanks to the great ductility of our products, it is possible to create stone effect wall decorations and coatings that can be shaped into various textures and forms, with the use of specific moulds for decorative plasters.

The artificial rocks weight varies depending on the material used during the wall coating and the preparation, but the approximate weight is 22kg/m2.

Don’t worry about the surface you are getting coated because the stamped plaster can be applied on any surface: bricks, polystyrene, wood, concrete, metal supports and much more.


An Ideal Work expert will examine the intervention feasibility and he will recommend you the most appropriate solution for your situation.

Contact our Ideal Work Expert!


Customizable textures and countless colours

The shape and the style of the decoration are the basis for obtaining a realistic or scenic effect, but it has to come with quality colours and textures to give a suggestive impression. The artificial rocks are not only a resistant solutions, they are also easy and quick to install and offer a wide selection of colours, shapes and effects for a maximum customization.


You can create custom-made works with rubber stencils or freehand in order to shape the rocks as you like it, with their typical cracks and striations.

The wide range of colours and combinations allows you to obtain a very realistic, natural effect. They vary from white to clay, from pink to green.


Colori delle rocce artificiali

Variazioni di colore delle rocce artificiali


Check out the Ideal Work colour catalogue and choose your favourite!


How much do the artificial rocks and the fake stone decorations cost?

The cost of our artificial rock decorations depends on different factors and, given the wide range of possible coatings, it is almost impossible to estimate a reliable final price for the renovation. It will change according to the specific case.

Generally, it will depend on the obstacles and unforeseen problems the applicators might run into while cleaning and sanding, during the application and the protective coating. The costs relating to the quantity and the quality of material needed are another important thing to consider.

Finally, the last important thing to take into account in defining a price is the time the applicators will need to get the job done.


Installation time for the rocks

Like for the costs, it is hard to make an estimation of the installation time.

The total time for the renovation will depend mainly on:

1 – Type and conditions of the substrate

2 – Size of the surface to renovate

3 – Implementation difficulties of the texture




Restructuring your house with artificial rocks is very convenient: their short installation time, their low need for maintenance, their impact resistance, their suitability to water contact and their convenient price make artificial rocks a perfect mix of comfort and aesthetic beauty.

Artificial rocks have been designed for both interiors and hardscapes; you can create stone effect arches, windowsills, steps, fireplaces and much more; they represent the best solution for wall renovation and any other kind of decorative intervention.


Let’s have a look at their advantages more in detail.


Impact resistance and suitability to water contact

The mix of impact resistance and suitability to salt or fresh water contact is an extraordinary advantage while designing an architectural renovation.

The material used for this product has a high resistance, similarly to concrete, that assures a resistant and long-lasting performance over time. Moreover, thanks to our specific protective treatments, it proves to be weather and water resistant.


This means that artificial rock decorations installed to create waterfalls, fountains and other scenic elements will be long-lasting and will maintain their architectural charm over time.


Artificial rocks maintenance

Artificial rocks don’t need much maintenance; washing the product will be enough to keep it clean (we recommend to use cold water and a soft bristle broom) and, according to weather conditions, it is advised to repeat the protective treatments every few years to prevent possible deterioration.

In case of cold temperatures or seaside areas we recommend the application of a specific resin on the coloured surface to maintain the realistic effect of outdoor stone effect coatings.




Artificial rocks are not only decorative elements, they are also functional and they can be installed in private environments to decorate one’s own garden, pond or swimming pool, creating fountains, waterfalls or stone effect walls decorated with plants, amphoras and water games.


You can install this product in multiple contexts; in small or big green areas or indoor to decorate walls, fireplaces, stone effect arches, indoor swimming pools, fish tanks and basements.

It can also be used outside of one’s house, like in swimming pools, spas, amusement parks or any other indoor or outdoor context where decorations are needed. Ideal Work artificial rocks provide a great scenic effect along with convenience and practicality.

The pros are ductility, beauty and the possibility to create any shape to simulate a natural, stone effect scenography!


Decorating a pool or a spa with artificial rocks

The charm of a in-ground pool is unique and together with the surrounding garden it often represents a welcoming symbol for guests. With artificial rocks you can crate scenographic environments with an impressive aesthetic look that will surprise anyone.

Your dream of a private oasis turns into reality!


A pool surrounded by stone walls and rocky waterfalls is extremely evocative and relaxing. Stone-effect fountains and rocky paths that look like they’ve been naturally engraved in the stone make the atmosphere even more appealing.


Imagination has no limits. A fake stones bridge, some artificial rock islands and some external walls coated and decorated with plants and waterfalls are only a few ideas to create some unique decorations.


Artificial rocks are also the perfect solution to decorate particular environments such as spas and resorts; whole rooms can be renovated by creating fake caves inside of which people can relax.


Rocce artificiali per parchi termali
Artificial rocks on a swimming pool


The Druskininkai spa town in Lithuania is a practical example of how artificial rocks can create a beautiful and scenic atmosphere. The project has been led by Artprojects, and Ideal Work contributed by creating the scenic artificial rock structures in the water park, in the thermal area and in the night club.


Check out the project!


Building artificial caves and scenographies

We have already described which environments it is possible to create, but artificial caves deserve a whole paragraph on their own.

What’s more suggestive than an artificial rock cave, maybe covered with a waterfall or, even better, a completely submerged cave?


Ideal Work has some experience in this filed: it created the submerged caves in the deepest thermal pool of the world (Y-40). Y-40 has been designed by the architect Emanuele Boaretto; on the bottom Ideal Work created some water-resistant rocky coves, perfect for sportspeople who want to try anchoring during a course. Check out the project!


Grotta con rocce artificiali
Underwater caves with artificial rocks

Check out the project!




It is important not to confuse Artificial Rocks with a very similar installation, the stone effect wall. There are two main differences between them:

1 – thickness: while the stone effect wall has a thickness of 1 to 3 cm, the artificial rocks thickness usually measures 3 to 8 cm.

2 – creativity: the difference of thickness affects the creative possibilities in renovating a wall. Given its thickness, the stamped concrete wall doesn’t allow much creativity. On the contrary, artificial rocks give free rein to creativity.

According to these two main differences, each wall coating is suitable for different uses and contexts.


The stone effect wall is perfect for decorating walls, stairs and columns in a scenic, fine and original way.


Rivestimento della parete con muro stampato
Wall made with artificial rocks


Since they give free rein to creativity, artificial rocks are, on the other hand, indicated to create surfaces in contact with water or pools, fireplaces, arches and jambs. Artificial rocks’ ultimate goal is the creation of a great scenic effect in a quick and practical way.


Artificial rocks can create scenic effect