Who should I contact to create an Ideal Work system?


The contacts form on the Ideal Work website will directly identify the authorised installer in your area. It is very important to assign the work to a specialised Ideal Work installer in order to obtain a quality result. Ideal Work trains its own installers through periodic courses, held by specialised personnel, for the twin purpose of training new installers who want to begin to install the products and improving the techniques of those who already use them.

Can I buy the material directly from the company and apply it without using an installer?


In order to guarantee high quality standard in architectural construction, Ideal Work markets its products only through companies that have taken part in the training courses organised by the company. The techniques for creating an Ideal Work system require certain basic concepts that are fundamental to obtaining beautiful and long-lasting surfaces. Applying Ideal Work products without adequate training could mean creating work that does not meet the high quality standards demanded by Ideal Work itself. Moreover, buying the equipment for a single job is simply not economical.

Why choose Ideal Work?


Established in 1997, Ideal Work is the leading company on the European market and has references from around the world. Certified ISO 9001, the company offers innovative products that have been tested by independent laboratories and also makes available to its clients a network of qualified installers, trained and constantly updated by the company.

Who can take part in the training courses and how can I enrol?


The training courses are reserved exclusively to companies or those employed in the building sector or decorating in general. The courses are not open to private clients or hobbyists. To find out how to take part, please consult the COURSES section of the site

Does Ideal Work also offer solutions to improve existing flooring?


Ideal Work offers many solutions designed for the restoration of existing interior or exterior surfaces. Whether only a few millimetres or greater thicknesses are available, Ideal Work has a solution suitable for your requirements. For more information or to discuss the details of your project, please contact us GO TO CONTACTS, we will be delighted to help you make the most suitable choice for your requirements.

 3-4 mm
  • Concrete;
    Cement screed (with good resistance to tearing);
  • Stenciltop;

  • Microtopping.

1-2 cm

  • Concrete;
  • Cement screed  with good resistance to tearing.
  • Top floor Printed;
  • Top floor Stenciltop;
  • Top floor Nuvolato;
  • Top floor Acid Stain.
  • Top floor Nuvolato;
  • Top floor Acid Stain.
2,5-6 cm
  • Concrete;
  • Cement screed
  • (with good resistance to tearing).
  • Betontop Printed;
    Betontop Stenciltop;
    Betontop Nuvolato;
    Top floor Acid Stain;
  • Betontop Nuvolato;
  • Betontop Acid Stain;
  • Sassoitalia smooth.

4-6 cm

  • Over underfloor heating plant.
  • Stamped flooring;
    Sassoitalia (prior creation of screed);
    Stenciltop (prior creation of screed);
    Acid Stain;
    Microtopping (prior creation of screed).
  • Betontop Acid Stain;
    Microtopping (prior creation of screed in salt-cement).

  • 7–20cm
  • eand greater
  • Stabilised terrain;
  • Concrete;
  • Over underfloor heating plant.
  • All solutions.
  • All solutions.

Note: The information contained in this table must be considered entirely indicative. It will be the task of your Ideal Work installer to evaluate the feasibility of the operation by assessing the thickness and condition of the existing substrate.

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